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Welcome to the Digital Advertising industry!

As you embark on this new journey into the exciting world of Digital Advertising, I wish you well. This page shall guide you through this exciting journey and eventually serve as a worthy companion. Hope you have fun, Bon Voyage!digital advertising

Here are some basic  videos to get you started –



Now that you have a basic idea about the technology partners involved, check out Display Advertising Technology Landscape . Another website with good information about the industry is KnowOnlineAdvertising.com.

Digital industry keeps on evolving as an organism and it is important to keep up so it would be a good idea to subscribe to some cool websites and YouTube channels-

IAB: short for Interactive Advertising Bureau, is a non-profit advertising business organisation that develops industry standards, conducts research, and provides legal/policy related support to the online advertising industry. Check out IAB Digital Simplified Series – This educational series explains different areas of digital advertising for all levels of expertise. It would probably be a good idea to also follow IABTV on YouTube to have an awareness about certain upcoming events and concepts like viewability, ad fraud, and native advertisement. IAB.com is also a helpful resource site for standards, guidelines on various ad platforms and serving technologies.

Some amazing sites to subscribe based on your interest are –

Ad world: This category involves Marketing-Digital Advertising related sites including everything from Advertiser/Agency to Publisher and between, some amazing sites under this category includes –

  1. AdExchanger
  2. DigiDay – Their WTF series is the best!
  3. AdAge
  4. MediaPost 
  5. TheDrum
  6. ExchangeWire

Google: This category includes Google blogs and resources –

  1. Think with Google – an amazing blog on marketing research
  2. Advertiser blog
  3. Publisher blog
  4. Google News Labs(YouTube channel)
  5. DoubleClick(YouTube channel)

Ad Operations: This category is my personal favorite –

  1. AdOpsInsider
  2. AdMonsters

I hope you find this useful, I will keep on updating this space for more, so stay tuned! Also, check out the website for more…