I am a digital media enthusiast, an eager learner and an avid Stewart-Colbert-Oliver fan!

I studied Chemical Engineering  at Delhi Technological University (erstwhile, Delhi College of Engineering).

Writing came naturally but advertising happened by accident when i got a job as a Publisher Account Manager with Exponential Interactive (Tribal Fusion)

.work team

Online industry fascinates me – it is a dynamic organism that evolves and adapts almost every day, which keeps the job interesting and makes every day a new adventure.

When I am not at my job, I like to Travel…


“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien


Usually, when i travel, i meet new people, but sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to meet…Dogs, of all shapes and sizes.


When I am not on the road, I like to learn new things. These days, am learning to code(noob) and cook(Italian and Lebanese), sometimes both at the same time.

i am batman

You can reach me on skype at ‘dcedhruv11’ or through LinkedIn.